5 Benefits of Memory Care

Are you considering Memory Care for your loved one?

Here’s what you should know.

What is Memory Care?

Memory Care is unique care intended to serve as a more structured approach to looking after those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or those who are experiencing wandering behavior due to an aging mind. This type of long-term care can be crucial in giving your loved one the life and peace they deserve. When making decisions regarding whether this type of care would meet the needs and standards of you and your loved one, it is important to note some of the biggest benefits Memoria Cuidado can offer.

1. Security with Freedom

When thinking about a memory care specific unit, there is a common misconception that this type of care is completely restrictive, when in reality, it is far from it. Within the highly secure structure of the facility or unit, the residents have ample freedom to explore and navigate their own paths. These units must keep in mind the potential of overstimulation in residents, and to counteract that, are equipped with both private spaces and open community areas. Residents can feel in control of certain aspects of their days in order to give them a familiar sense of independence.

2. Opportunity to Build Community

Although residents might enjoy the comfort of privacy, they are also given the opportunity to explore community areas such as dining rooms, activity rooms, lounge areas, and secure outdoor spaces. Socialization is highly encouraged among residents, as building relationships increases the resident’s engagement and familiarity.

3. Resident Safety is Prioritized

The structure of a memory care unit is intentionally different from that of any other type of skilled nursing facility. This is because of the potential exit-seeking and wandering behavior these residents can sometimes experience. To ensure the safety of all staff and residents, these units provide secure hallways with no access to outside exits. Finally, memory care units eliminate sharp and potentially dangerous furniture and materials so that residents are fully protected from harm.

4. Cognitive Tools and Activities

One of the biggest differences between professional memory care and caring for your loved one at home is that these units can provide more structure and beneficial mental stimulation. Residents are encouraged to participate in various activities created with their personal goals for health and wellness in mind. These activities are often aimed to get the residents to practice critical thinking and work on skill maintenance. They are also encouraged to practice memory recollection through storytelling and engaging with their nurses and peers.

5. Peace of Mind

Ultimately, the decision to place your loved one in long-term care can be one of the most difficult to make. Knowing that memory care units and facilities place the safety, security, and community enrichment of each resident at the highest priority, can serve as the reassurance you need. Your mind can be at ease knowing that your loved one is receiving around the clock, hands on care from a highly trained nursing team.

Our Creative Approach

Each one of these facets of memory care is placed in the forefront at Creative Solutions in Healthcare facilities. However, the structure of high-quality Memory Care is not one-size-fits-all. This is a notion that is taken very seriously when creating a care plan for your loved one. Creative Solutions ensures every care plan is deeply personalized for each and every resident.

From our dietary department, who provide fresh and nutrient-rich meals, to our nursing staff, who are on call and alert to each resident’s needs, you can feel confident that your loved one is in good hands.

At their core, these facilities are meant to provide a safe space for your loved one to feel independent and respected, while still under the close supervision and care of our dedicated staff.

If you and your loved one are ready to take this step, click aquí or the button below to locate the best memory care facility in your area.

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