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Creative Solutions in Healthcare is now a certified Great Place to Work

The secret is out!

Creative Solutions in Healthcare is now a certified Great Place to Work. Our corporate team, and several buildings throughout the state were selected to pilot the certification program.

What’s does it take to become certified?

Each employee is sent a survey from Activated Insights, within this survey employees will be asked to answer a series of questions about their workplace environment and give their perspective on the company culture.

Activated Insights collects the survey responses anonymously. The organization survey goals would be to reach a benchmark trust score and be awarded the GPTW Certification.

How did Creative Solutions stack up?

Creative Solutions beat the industry average Trust Score, by more than 10%!

Congratulations to our newly certified facilities: Cherokee Rose, Concho, Franklin Heights, Gilmer, Graham Oaks, Great Plans, Greenbrier Palestine, and La Vida Serena.

We are so grateful for all our team members who completed the survey.
Your honest feedback has allowed our company to be awarded the GPTW Certification. We truly believe our employees are the greatest asset in providing care to the residents we serve.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your team and to Creative Solutions.

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