Changing Landscapes

Over the last year, we have watched our Creative Solutions family grow substantially. We are so proud to be able to bring the Creative Solutions standard of care to more than 100 facilities throughout our great state. Our passion and mission have always been serving the seniors in these communities.

“As we grow, we evolve. Our goal has always been to focus on where we came from to determine the direction of where we, as a company, are going,” said Gary Blake, President and CEO, “Our ability to stay agile and constantly innovate is what makes Creative Solutions in Healthcare an industry leader.”

We are ecstatic to share that with this new growth, comes a new role and divisions. Our current Operations Areas will now be grouped into East and West. These will be overseen by our new Divisional Vice Presidents: Auston Clanton and Rocky Ruelas.

Greenbrier Easter

These changes will be effective beginning November 1st. You can view each building’s area and division new landscape aquí. Our Divisional Vice Presidents will pioneer the new system in this next step of their journey with Creative Solutions.

Divisional Vice President East, Auston Clanton, started with Creative on January 24, 2012.  He began as an Administrator in Training at Silver Tree Nursing and Rehab in San Antonio, Texas.

Once licensed, he became Administrator at Cedar Creek Nursing and Rehab. Auston then moved to Mineral Wells Nursing and Rehab where, under his leadership, Mineral Wells rose to become one of the TOP 5 performers for several metrics and sustained that performance year after year.

In January of 2018, Auston promoted to Area Director of Operations (ADO) overseeing Area 7. As ADO, Auston has proven his leadership skills in driving outcomes in a positive direction on multiple issues at the same time.

Auston is married to Jillian and has two beautiful daughters.  He is excited to take on this role and responsibility with the growth of Creative Solutions in Healthcare.

Divisional Vice President West, Rocky Ruelas, became an Administrator in 2003.  He completed his AIT in Dallas, and his first Administrator positions were in Benbrook and Fort Worth.   He then became the “startup” administrator for another LTC company, opening new properties in the DFW area.  Rocky returned to El Paso in 2008 taking on the largest facility in El Paso.  He was recruited heavily and joined Creative Solutions on March 1, 2010, as the Administrator at Franklin Heights in El Paso.  Under his leadership, Franklin Heights rose to become a TOP 5 performer in several metrics and remains to be in the top, year after year.

Rocky was promoted to Lead Administrator for El Paso facilities reporting directly to our ADO in 2011.  Rocky was promoted to Area Director of Operations for Area 5 in September 2013.

As ADO, Rocky has built an amazing team (Go Jags!) and achieved outstanding outcomes envied by all.

Rocky continues to live in El Paso where he spends time with his family there.  In his limited spare time, he enjoys reading, golfing, and meditation.

The goal for this new structure is to provide more personalized direction and leadership to our facility teams.

“Our adaptability is one of the reasons that we’ve succeeded thus far. I hope that all of these changes are met with excitement!” Gary Blake, President and CEO of Creative Solutions in Healthcare.

Rocky Ruelas
Divisional Vice President
Auston Clanton
Divisional Vice President
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