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Encouraging Career Growth

In the long-term care industry, ongoing education and professional development are essential for nurturing a skilled and compassionate team. A commitment to supporting further education is at the core of our values. One of the many ways we incentivize and encourage career growth is by empowering facilities to champion their own CNA Courses, in which non-certified nurse aides can complete classes to work towards earning their certification credentials. 

Nurse Aides play a vital role in providing compassionate clinical care in our industry, providing invaluable support to those in our care. These courses honor their dedication and allow them the opportunity, free of cost, to advance their career by becoming certified professionals. We had the privilege of speaking with Cassi Webb, the Staff Development Nurse who leads the CNA courses for many of our Lubbock based buildings at Whisperwood Nursing and Rehabilitation. She shared many important insights into this program, its offerings, candidate qualifications, incentives, and the profound impact it has on CNA graduates. 

Whisperwood Nursing and Rehabilitation’s CNA Course Program

At Whisperwood, employees from both their facility and surrounding Creative Solutions sister facilities are given the opportunity to enroll in a comprehensive four-week CNA course. With classes held from Monday to Friday, the program provides a thorough curriculum that prepares students for their clinical and written state exams. Cassi Webb, an experienced instructor, takes pride in the exceptional pass rate of 90% overall for skills and written exams. Webb shares that they “provide 40 hours of hands-on training, ensuring students are prepared to take excellent care of our residents.”

The ideal candidate for this program possesses not only a strong work ethic and sense of responsibility but also a passion for delivering high quality care. Participants are expected to maintain a minimum score of 80% in their coursework, surpassing the typical requirement of 70%. The program sets high standards, encouraging candidates to strive for personal growth and success. 

We believe in recognizing the accomplishments of our CNA graduates and provide various incentives upon completion of the program. The cost of the course itself, all materials, and state testing for nurse aides is covered, easing the financial burden on graduates. 

Additionally, successful candidates receive a well-deserved pay raise after passing their state exams, acknowledging their time and dedication to their profession. The program also offers tuition reimbursement for those who aspire to further their healthcare careers by pursuing additional training such as LVN, RN, or Med Aide programs.

Creating a Lasting Impact

Whisperwood’s CNA course program celebrates the transformative journey of its participants. While the number of participants may vary from month to month, the program’s impact remains constant. Cassi fondly describes her experience as a teacher, sharing that it was “seeing how passionate [their] CNAs were about learning” that made her “fall in love with the role. She recognizes the different adversities some participants may face, adding that she sometimes gets emotional during graduations because she knows the amount of effort each of [her] students put in to earn their diploma. 

Recent Lubbock Area CNA Graduation Ceremony
Cassi Webb pictured with a recent Lubbock Area CNA Graduation class.

Whisperwood Nursing and Rehabilitation’s CNA course program serves as a shining example of Creative Solutions’ unwavering commitment to empowering nursing professionals. By providing free CNA classes and offering a supportive environment for growth and learning, Whisperwood exemplifies the company’s dedication to cultivating a skilled and compassionate workforce.  

We invite and encourage aspiring nursing professionals and current caregivers to explore the many ways Creative Solutions supports their career journey. Visit our career page to learn more about our comprehensive programs, further education opportunities, and the fulfilling path that awaits you in the world of healthcare. Together, let us continue to make a positive impact on the lives of our residents and communities. 

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