Becoming a Certified Dietary Manager

Everything you Need to Know About our CDM Career Support

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At Creative Solutions in Healthcare, we are dedicated to providing exceptional care and service to our long-term care residents. As part of our commitment to excellence, we offer exciting career growth opportunities for our dietary managers. By becoming a Certified Dietary Manager, you can unlock a world of incentives and professional advancement.

Career Growth Opportunities and Incentives

We believe in investing in employees personal and professional development. As a dietary manager, you have the opportunity to expand your skills and advance your career. We encourage our dietary managers to become certified as it may open many doors for further career opportunities.

Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) Conference

By becoming a CDM, you join our esteemed White Coat Crew and gain access to a range of benefits and opportunities. One of these opportunities is a company sponsored trip to the Annual Association of Nutrition and Foodservice Professionals (ANFP) Conference. This conference is a highly anticipated event in the healthcare and nutrition industry, which allows attendants to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and foster connections.

Our White Coat Crew at the 2023 ANFP Conference.
Achievement Tiers Program

Another opportunity available to Certified Dietary Managers is the ability to participate in the Achievement Tiers Program. Once participants complete the additional tasks required in this program, they are eligible to participate in the Achievement Tiers Excursion, which is held yearly at different exciting destinations.

Tools and Support Offered

To support our dietary managers in pursuing a certification, we have a multitude of tools and resources available. As a Creative Solutions in Healthcare Dietary Manager, we offer many training materials including in depth study guides and downloadable versions of course textbooks. You will also have access to a network of peers including both experienced and newly certified dietary managers who can offer advice and support during your training programs.

Once all course hours are completed, we will also completely cover the cost of your first exam attempt. Additionally, we will cover the cost required to maintain your credentials, easing some of the financial burden of continued education.

Getting Started

If you are ready to embark on the journey to become a Certified Dietary Manager, we have all the resources in place to make the process as simple and attainable as possible. There are various local colleges and online classes where you can enroll and complete the mandated 90-120 hours of coursework. Once you complete this course, you can visit the ANFP website to register for your first exam, at no cost to you, to become fully credentialled and nationally certified.

Upon your successful exam attempt, your efforts will be acknowledged with an embroidered White Coat, solidifying your place in the White Coat Crew with Creative Solutions in Healthcare.

Recent Lubbock Area CNA Graduation Ceremony
Some of our CDM White Coat Recipients

From attending industry conferences to participating in exciting programs, we strive to empower our dietary managers to excel in their roles and make a meaningful impact on the lives of our residents. Start your journey toward becoming a Certified Dietary Manager today and join us in our mission of excellence in nutrition and care.

For more information about the Certified Dietary Manager program and the career growth opportunities at Creative Solutions in Healthcare, email

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