Creative Solutions Announces Launch of SecureCare

Fort Worth, Texas, January 15, 2024

Creative Solutions in Healthcare proudly announces the official launch of SecureCare, a culture change initiative and training program that aims to enhance care for seniors with aging brains. This dementia-focused program draws inspiration from Teepa Snow’ s renowned Positive Approach to Care®.

Nicole Barnett, RN, MSN-Ed., LNFA, leads the initiative, as the Director of SecureCare for Creative Solutions in Healthcare. Nicole is a Positive Approach to Care (PAC) Independent Trainer, Champion Course Teacher, and Coach. Her advanced certification and education allows her to host trainings and enables her to award SecureCare Associate Certifications to team members who have completed her courses.

There are currently three certification that can be earned by Creative Solutions employees: Certified SecureCare Care Partner, Certified SecureCare Associate, Certified SecureCare Champion. These are comprised of various training methods, including web-based tests, online video resources, and in-person training and mentoring sessions. Each step builds from the last to completely change the way the learners interact with people and provide care.

Miesha Davis receives her Associate and Care Partner level certifications, making her the first facility level employee to do so.
The Care Partner certification is an introductory level. It is comprised of 8 hours of online training. It sets the base knowledge for the next step- SecureCare Associate. The Associate certification is five more hours of computer learning, a one day in person training with Nicole, and follow-up, one-on-one coaching sessions to solidify their skills, and incorporate them into their new care routine. Once a team member has reached the SecureCare Champion level, they can be considered an expert in providing this type of specialized care.

These certifications better equip staff with the knowledge to provide quality care to residents living with dementia and the challenges that they can face. These courses specifically help teams to identify the stages of dementia, teach behavior management and communication techniques, and minimize potential safety risks.

The program’s vision originated from Gary Blake, President & CEO of Creative Solutions in Healthcare who recognized Teepa Snow’s dementia care and overall industry expertise and wanted to exemplify her training into CSNHC’s skilled nursing facilities.
Gary Blake stated, “I wanted to find a way to improve our secure units. But as we learned more from Teepa Snow’s training we realized how invaluable the Positive Approach to Care system is for all of our care givers.”

“This is a total culture shift. Leadership, from top to bottom and across departments, is getting certified. It’s not just our clinical teams, our Divisional Vice Presidents and Area Directors of Operations are taking these courses.”

Gary Blake

President & CEO, Soluciones creativas en salud

Over 55% of residents in skilled nursing facilities have a diagnosis of dementia, according to the Texas Healthcare Association (THCA). This is why the SecureCare program extends beyond specialty secured hallways, catering to individuals throughout the facility.

While rooted in Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care, Creative Solutions in Healthcare’s SecureCare Certification is independent and incorporates the organization’s mission and values. Though based on the educational content and methods from Teepa and a PAC Certification, the delivery, views, and opinions are representative of this organization alone.

Nicole shared, “When it comes to dementia care, we all have to adopt a ‘it starts with me’ attitude. Our ultimate goal is to bring awareness and to change the culture one mind at a time.”
Acerca de las soluciones creativas en el cuidado de la salud

Creative Solutions in Healthcare is a family-owned company, headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. with more than 150 long-term care communities throughout the state of Texas- our fundamental goal is to provide the highest quality of care to the Greatest Generation.

Creative Solutions in Healthcare, Inc. was founded in 2000 when Gary & Malisa Blake purchased Granbury Care Center. Since the beginning, the foundational principle of Creative Solutions has been Una vida vivida para otros es una vida que vale la pena.

CSNHC’s top priority is to care for seniors with the respect, compassion, and dignity they deserve through quality meals, clean spaces, and compassionate nursing care.


Leila Jones

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