After a 3 week stay in the hospital, My husband needed physical therapy. We could have Chosen a rehab facility in San Angelo but After I went and spoke with the staff here I knew that my husband would be in great hands. The physical therapy department did an amazing job and got him home sooner than was expected. The nursing staff took really good care of him. He was always clean and in good spirits when I would bring him his 6:30 am coffee. He said that he enjoyed the food he even tried foods that he would never eat. No matter what time I dropped in everything was clean and smelled great. My husband and I had no complaints. During his time there they had their annual Christmas party, my husband was given Christmas gifts. And I was given a gift knowing that he was taken care of. Thanks to all of the kind and caring staff I couldn’t of done it without you guys.

– Ms. Williams


Google Review,
Ballinger Healthcare & Rehab Center

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