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Compassionate Care

Care comes in many forms. Find the care option that works for you.

Short-Term Care
Return to home quickly with focused, in-house therapy. Our Rehab to Home program specializes in 10 to 14 day stays for those who need physical, occupational, or speech therapy. Our specialized therapists focus on helping our residents achieve their outcome goals and get back to home as soon as possible.

Long-Term Care
A place your loved one can call home. The big difference that sets our care centers apart are the principles of respect and dignity that we instill in all of our staff. This innovative approach to care is what sets us apart and makes our homes a great place for your loved one.

Assisted Living
Our communities are intimate, and our home-like environment is intentional. We give our residents every opportunity to stay active, involved, and independent. Each community offers unique packages and pricing options to fit any unique need.

Memory Care
Some of our facilities have specialty care, but ALL of our facilities are receiving special training on caring for seniors with aging brains. Our innovative SecureCare memory homes care for your loved one with an aging mind. Select communities are designed to protect your loved one from wandering and instill a positive environment.

Respite Care
There is nothing more difficult than being a caregiver. When you need a break, or a helping hand, our skilled nursing team is available. We’ll watch over your loved one for as long as you need.

Ventilator Care
Our homes with ventilation hallways offer specialized care for high acuity cases and ventilator-dependent loved ones. Each of these areas has a staffed respiratory therapist 24/7. These care teams handle both long-term ventilation care, as well as weaning-to-home programs.

Your loved one deserves the best.
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What sets us apart

Our care is driven by 5 core values

Compassionate Clinical Care
No two people are alike, and our treatment and care plan for each resident is just as unique. Compassionate clinical care means your loved one will be cared for by highly trained nursing staff who provide patient-centered attention at all times. We understand there is a difference between managing one’s care in a clinical versus a community setting and we are committed to developing a care plan that is right for each resident.

Nutritious Meals
We recognize the importance of food and how it impacts the quality of life not only as sustenance but as a pleasurable and social activity as well. At our homes, you will find menus that feature regional favorites, made with the highest quality ingredients to provide meals that are nutritious and delicious. It’s food our residents look forward to enjoying.

Enriching Lives
We are dedicated to providing the finest care possible to each of our residents. That means nurturing the body, mind and spirit. We achieve this through our imaginative and engaging life enrichment programs that are tailor-made to serve the individual needs and interests of residents in each of our facilities. It is our way of creating a healthy and happy community where residents not only live but belong.

Valued Employees
The heart of a healthcare worker is a little different from the rest. We have always known it and every day we experience it. Our team members are dedicated beyond comparison and every day, prioritize the health, well-being, and happiness of every person in their care. We work hard to make sure our team members know how much they are appreciated. From car giveaways–yes, cars–to generous compensation plans and frequent recognition, our healthcare staff understands we’ve never taken their dedication for granted, and never will.

Unparalleled Cleanliness
There is nothing more important in today’s world than the cleanliness of a nursing home. At every home, you will see our commitment to cleanliness isn’t anything new. It is in our DNA. For more than twenty years now, we have redefined the standard in cleanliness with our own White Glove Program. The White Glove Program begins with rigorous training and adherence to high standards that ensure a clean environment in every sense of the word.

Discover What Our Communities Mean to Others

I have worked at Lampstand for almost 2 years, and I have really enjoyed working with the staff to give the best care possible to our residents. It is very rewarding to work in the therapy department and to be able to witness all of the positive outcomes. I have mostly appreciated the support and leadership from our administrator who puts in countless hours to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible. I hope to be able to be a part of the Lampstand family for many more years to come.

– Ms. Dunn


Google Review for,
Lampstand Nursing and Rehabilitation

Navasota Nursing Home and Rehab is an excellent facility. I have been in many nursing homes through out my career and this ranks among the best. My mother is a resident here and she is in excellent hands. I can enter the facility anytime night or day to check on her. The staff are professional and very caring. The facility, while not a new structure is ALWAYS clean and tidy. My experience has been excellent.

– Mr. Clark


Google Review for,
Navasota Nursing & Rehabilitation

I enjoy working at Five Points at Lake Highlands. I recently reached my one year Anniversary and feel it is the best nursing home I have worked for. I love the patients and truly enjoy providing excellent care. The patients have become like family to me. I would recommend Five Points to anyone seeking care for a loved one. We are simply the best and have the most friendly hard working and caring staff.

– Ms. Wilson


Google Review for,
Five Points Lake Highlands

I’m a resident here at Park Place and we had our Thanksgiving dinner today and it was an amazing evening, the food was so amazing and delicious, the staff did a great job taking care of was a great turn out, families came. I was so very pleased. Anna Reyes, the activities director, She did a wonderful job setting everything up, and Joe Cantu and the kitchen staff, they did a wonderful job with the food.

– Ms. Hernandez


Google Review for,
Park Place Healthcare Center

A few days ago, my wife and I visited my uncle at Five Points at DeSoto for the first time. Upon on entering we were greeted by a very kind, friendly and helpful receptionist. The lobby was sparkling, bright and very clean, not to mention that we were shocked by the aroma because we were expecting that nursing home familiar smell but instead we were greeted by freshness and not the heavily deodorized masking fragrances. As we moved through the hallway, we received warm and helpful greetings from the staff. It was great to see our uncle in full laughter with one of the staff as we entered his room. We can’t remember the man’s name but the gentleman was working away cleaning the room while attentively engaging with our uncle’s story. It is not easy having our loved one away from us but at least we know he is happy and surrounded by people who care.

– Mr. Terry


Google Review for,
Five Points Nursing & Rehab of DeSoto

I couldn’t ask for a better place to work where I love coming in everyday!! If you have a loved one that needs rehabilitation or long term care or know someone who does this is the place to be!

– Ms. Morgan


Google Review for,
Heritage at Longview Healthcare Center

My Husbands Mother has been at Wellington Care Center for a few months now. Our Family is incredibly happy with the clean facility and ALL the staff that care for my mother-in-Law. The admission was as smooth as can be expected with the government involved because the staff took care of that, so we did not have to do much. Now, after her being there and she has adjusted, she seems to be a lot happier than she was before arriving at the center and since the diagnosis with dementia. We see her smiling and socializing with the staff and other residents. We think that is exactly what she needed. We give Wellington Care Center 5 STARS!!

– Ms. Manns

Google Review for,
Wellington Care Center

I was employed at Fairfield Nursing and Rehab and it didn’t take long to notice the outstanding resident care provided. I recently had to choose a facility for my my mother and I knew Fairfield Nursing and Rehab was my only choice .They provide a clean comfortable environment and offer daily activities. The staff are friendly and professional. Beautiful facility with a home like feeling for the residents. Fairfield Nursing and Rehab put the residents needs first and that is why we chose Fairfield Nursing and Rehab.

– Ms. Dunn


Google Review for,
Fairfield Nursing and Rehab

I’ve had a fantastic experience working at Graham Oaks Care Center. The staff is exceptional, creating a positive and supportive environment. It’s not only an excellent workplace but also a top-notch facility for long-term care. The memory care unit is particularly noteworthy, providing specialized and compassionate support for residents. Highly recommend!.

– Ms. Welch


Google Review for,
Graham Oaks Care Center

After a 3 week stay in the hospital, My husband needed physical therapy. We could have Chosen a rehab facility in San Angelo but After I went and spoke with the staff here I knew that my husband would be in great hands. The physical therapy department did an amazing job and got him home sooner than was expected. The nursing staff took really good care of him. He was always clean and in good spirits when I would bring him his 6:30 am coffee. He said that he enjoyed the food he even tried foods that he would never eat. No matter what time I dropped in everything was clean and smelled great. My husband and I had no complaints. During his time there they had their annual Christmas party, my husband was given Christmas gifts. And I was given a gift knowing that he was taken care of. Thanks to all of the kind and caring staff I couldn’t of done it without you guys.

– Ms. Williams


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Ballinger Healthcare & Rehab Center

We believe

“A life lived for others is a life worthwhile.”

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