CSNHC’s Business Office Honors

Creative Solutions Names ABOC and BOM of the Year

Here at Creative Solutions in Healthcare, we pride ourselves on having the most caring and dedicated staff across every one of our many departments. Each role requires time, resilience, and immense attention to detail. Our Area Business Office Consultants and our Business Office Managers are two roles that really highlight these qualities, and because of that, we want to recognize those who went above and beyond in 2022, with ABOC and BOM of the Year honors.

ABOC of the Year

The role of Area Business Office Consultant is one that requires not only immense industry knowledge, but also outstanding communication skills, detail orientation, and leadership. Lourdes Aguirre has been named ABOC of the Year because she personifies each and every one of these qualities.

Lourdes’ drive and determination to see her facilities succeed surpasses any and all industry standards. She puts her heart and soul into her leadership, and it shows through her communication and strong relationships with each BOM in her area.

Lourdes has worked in Long Term Care for nearly 30 years, becoming ABOC in 2019. She is proud to “see [her] hard work paying off,” crediting her success in her role to her “eagerness to learn and always giving her all” to her team and facilities. One thing that has guided Lourdes in her role of ABOC is her love of helping and teaching others to be successful.

BOMs of the Year

Like that of an ABOC, the role of a Business Office Manager also takes incredible knowledge and skill. When considering who would be awarded BOM of the Year, the decision came down to two, and because both of these BOM’s display such talent and devotion to their role, there was no way to pick just one.

Michelle Atwood at Graham Oaks Nursing and Rehab, and Miriam Tarango at Mountain View Health and Rehab both go above and beyond every day for their facilities, team, and residents. Whether it be collecting payments, tending to Medicaid pending and renewals, or communicating with residents and their families, Michelle and Miriam both consistently go the extra mile to get things done and get them done right.

Michelle began her career in Long Term Care in 2020 when she joined the team at Graham Oaks as an HR Coordinator. Shortly after, she was offered the position of BOM and jumped at the opportunity to learn and grow in a new role. One thing that makes Michelle stand out is her passion for her work. She loves helping residents and their families, stating that “if [she] can help relieve a small amount of stress from an overwhelming transition, then it is all worth it.” She strives to be a true advocate for all residents.

Miriam has been in Long Term Care for roughly 6 years, starting with Creative Solutions in 2017. She began her career working front desk, then transitioned to Admissions, and shortly after, accepted the role of BOM at Mountain View Health and Rehabilitation. Miriam prides herself on being someone who not only loves to learn, but also loves to share her knowledge with others, which is one thing she credits her success in this role to. She stated that what helps her grow in her role is her “eagerness to learn something new every day.” Although this honor is one Miriam is very proud of, she knows her career journey is only just beginning, stating that “the sky is the limit from here.”

Most Improved ABOC

The transition from Business Office Manager to an Area Business Office Consultant is not always an easy one. With this new role comes an abundance of new responsibilities and new obstacles to overcome. It takes somebody with true resilience and courage to step up in this way.

One person who has overcome these frustrations and obstacles is Andrew Barron, and because of this, he has been named Most Improved ABOC. He shows up daily ready to learn and eager to help, and he has done so much for his team this past year. Andrew has really made a difference and deserves to be recognized for his commitment to excellence.

We are incredibly honored and beyond grateful to have such passionate and determined individuals on our team. At Creative Solutions, we strive to make a difference in the lives of each and every resident entrusted to our care. The dedication displayed across every department, ABOC’s and BOM’s included, brings great confidence in the knowledge that our residents are and will continue to receive the very best quality of care.

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