P: 806-352-8800 | F: (682) 257-8463

E: info_amarillo@csnhc.com

6641 W Amarillo Blvd, Amarillo, TX 79106, USA

Services Offered

  • Memory Care

  • In-House Dialysis

  • Vent Care

  • Rehab

Connect with this Facility

Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive skilled care, being caring and compassionate,and creating an intentional home-like experience for your loved one.

Meet the Team

Administrator: Leila Johns
Admin_amarilloskilledcenter@csnhc.com │ 817-734-4840
Director of Nursing: Leila Johns
DON_amarilloskilledcenter@csnhc.com │ 817-734-4840
Admissions: Leila Johns
Marketing_amarilloskilledcenter@csnhc.com │ 817-734-4840

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