Creative Solutions in Healthcare Announces Partnership with
Provider Partner Health Plans.

Beginning October 15th 2021, qualifying Creative Solutions residents will be offered the opportunity to enroll in an Institutional Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plan through Provider Partner Health Plans.

Creative Solutions in Healthcare partners with Provider Partners Health Plans (PPHP) to offer Medicare Advantage Institutional Special Needs Plan (I-SNP) to its long-term care residents.

Open enrollment for the I-SNP will start on October 15th and coverage under the new plan will begin January 1, 2022.

James Gee, PPHP’s Executive Director for Texas, explains the program and partnership, “I-SNPs offer more of what long term care residents need through additional services, expedited coverage decisions, and coordination of care through all health care settings.”

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The PPHP care model will provide a hands-on approach to managing healthcare by adding an onsite clinical care team including a Nurse Practitioner and a Registered Nurse to the facility team. The benefit of the PPHP I-SNP is three-fold.

First, the PPHP Nurse Practitioner will make rounds on residents in the facility and review medical records via  Real Time Medical Systems data mining tool.  These reviews provide opportunity to identify early any flare ups of a resident’s chronic disease or other changes in condition. Early detection will help guide proactive care and treatment within the skilled nursing facility.  Recognizing and responding early to changes in condition provides the best chance to avoid rehospitalization.   

Secondly, the PPHP RN Care Coordinator assists residents and their families with navigating all healthcare services within the continuum of care. They help to coordinate care between the skilled nursing facility, and all outside care providers such as: clinics, hospitals, physicians, and outpatient services. The PPHP RN provides guidance and answers questions about benefits and services through all phases of the PPHP network.

Finally, the concierge portion of the program provides additional benefits for residents such as transportation, hearing, vision, dental and podiatry care.

“A life lived for others is a life worthwhile,” says Gary Blake, Creative Solutions CEO. “We believe that caring for the elderly is a high honor. Our resident-respect approach to caring is what continues to be the driving force in the core strategy of our company. We treat our residents as we wish to be treated. Our love for our residents is best measured by the respect, dignity, and the compassion we extend to them daily. That means nurturing the body, mind and spirit with delicious food prepared by nationally certified dietary managers, consistent connection with the family, and life enrichment programs.”

Blake continued, “The partnership with PPHP will further our commitment to exceptional resident care by adding on-site clinical capability. By providing timely care right in the building, we will improve their quality of life and avoid putting the patient at risk for contracting hospital acquired illnesses.”

“We are pleased to create this new partnership with Creative Solutions enabling thousands of seniors in Texas the opportunity to receive better quality of care while reducing unnecessary costs” said Scott Rifkin, MD, Executive Chair and Founder of Provider Partners Health Plans. “It’s gratifying to offer more long-term care residents in Texas a care model that we know is patient-focused, improves quality and ultimately saves money through better outcomes and reduced hospitalizations.”

Provider Partners Health Plans currently serves long term care residents in PA, MD, IL, MO, and TX and has plans to expand to NC, KY, WI, NY, NJ, and CO. To learn more about PPHP and the services they offer visit or email

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