Creative Solutions in Healthcare’s 14th Annual MDS Conference

The Annual MDS conference has become a reflection of our company’s overall culture. It is the longest standing conference in our company’s history. It has become part of our culture and a CSNHC tradition. After leading a virtual conference last summer, this year we were able to meet again in person- with many safety precautions, of course.

The conference is about more than just reviewing policies- it’s an opportunity to bring together team members from across the state.

We take this time each year to remember that we are not just individual buildings, but one company- working toward the common goal of providing the best possible care for our residents, and the best possible experience for our families.

Since its inception, the conference has been organized, executed, and led by Kelly Roberts-Treta, Vice President of Clinical Reimbursement and Ancillary Services. An innovative leader, she inspires a room full of champions and develops our case MDS managers to be the best in the industry. For the last 14 years, Kelly has led Creative Solutions through countless regulatory changes, and helped us navigate through the most challenging year our industry has ever known.

The goal of the conference is to be both informational and enjoyable. The Award Ceremony, held on the final night of the conference, has become a cornerstone of the experience. And while the conference itself is designed to professionally develop our MDS Case Managers, the award program recognizes team members from many departments.

This year, Kelly started a new tradition for the awards. Using the name of our company, she took the values that our company stands for and turned them in to awards:

C- Courage

R- Resilience

E- Excellence

A- Admirable

T- Teachable

I- Integrity


E- Effective

Winners of the 2021 Annual MDS Conference

2021 Creative COURAGE Award

Judy Amezcua

2021 Creative RESILIENCE Award

Brittaney Land

2021 Creative EXCELLENCE Award

Angie Rawlinson
Joe Griffith

2021 Creative ADMIRABLE Award

Framia Hunt

2021 Creative TEACHABLE Award

Ann Gonzales

2021 Creative INTEGRITY Award

Allyson Maddox

2021 Creative VIP Award

Crystal Davis

2021 Creative EFFECTIVE Award

Karen Fidler

2021 Mary Ann Williams Heart of a Champion

Holly Cook

2021 MDS Case Manager of the Year

Sarah Gibson

Gary Blake Award

Chuck Moody

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