Creative Solutions in Healthcare Announces New Position: Director of Payor Transition

Fort Worth, Texas, February 6, 2023—Candy Williams accepts the newly created position, Director of Payor Transition.

Gary Blake, Malisa Blake, and Creative Solutions leadership are pleased to announce the appointment of Cany Williams as the new Director of Payor Transition. In this roll, Candy will be responsible for championing the Creative Solutions Medicaid Pending Program and ensuring that a resident’s transition from one payor type to another will run smoothly and efficiently. 

“The reason we chose Candy Williams is because of her outstanding 30 plus year history in long-term care. She has a deep understanding of complexities that come along with a resident’s transition from one payor source to another. As our families deal with inflationary costs, we must assist them through the maze that accompanies the change from private pay, to Medicaid pending, to then establishing Medicaid as a primary payor.

It’s important to us at Creative Solutions in Healthcare that there is always continuity in the quality of care that a resident receives, regardless of how their stay is funded. Even as payor types shift, there should be no disruption in the way that a resident’s care is delivered nor in the way that payment for that care is received.”

Gary Blake

President and CEO, Creative Solutions in Healthcare


Shortly after she joined the Creative Solutions in Healthcare  family in 2011, Candy was promoted to Area Director of Operations. In this role, she has covered numerous buildings and territories. She has a unique ability to bring out the best in others and is considered by many to be a true mentor.

Candy has a long and impressive track record of success, but she shared that her proudest moment was when she created and implemented the Creative Solutions Champion Team Program- a system that is still used today across the entire company.

A proud graduate of Texas Christian University, Candy has been with Creative Solutions for nearly 12 years! Though her start in long-term care came much earlier, as a Business Office Manager while she lived in Nebraska. She shared, “I asked if they had any other positions open, and they said the only other one is one that you have to have a special license for, Administrator. After working there for a couple of years I realized that I could do that job a lot better than the admin that was there. Drove 2 hours to the closest school and got my admin license in 1996. I later moved back home to Texas and have been in Operations ever since!

Outside of work, Candy most enjoys spending time with her family specifically, her new, precious grandbaby, Hank! She has a deep love for travel, learning about different cultures and languages. She said she always needs to have that next trip planned and shared a quote from her favorite travel app: “Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell”.

When asked how she felt about the promotion, Candy said, 

Chris CFO

“I am beyond elated and deeply grateful for the opportunities that Creative Solutions has afforded me and look forward to making a difference in my new role.

I LOVE Creative Solutions!!!”

Candy Williams

Director of Payor Tranistion, Creative Solutions in Healthcare

About Creative Solutions in Healthcare

Creative Solutions in Healthcare is a family-owned company, headquartered in Fort Worth, TX. with more than 130 long-term care communities throughout the state of Texas- our fundamental goal is to provide the highest quality of care to the Greatest Generation. 

Creative Solutions in Healthcare, inc. was founded in 2000 when Gary & Malisa Blake purchased Granbury Care Center. Since the beginning, the foundational principle of Creative Solutions has been A life lived for others is a life worthwhile.  

CSNHC’s top priority is to care for seniors with the respect, compassion, and dignity they deserve through quality meals, clean spaces, and compassionate nursing care. 


Leila Jones

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