Creative Solutions in Healthcare Adds 20 to Its Portfolio in 2022

Creative Solutions in Healthcare, experiences substantial growth in the second half of the year.

In July, the company acquired nine skilled nursing facilities from The Arboretum Group.

Shortly after, Creative Solutions in Healthcare (CSNHC) began working on an agreement with SAVA Senior Care to acquire 11 senior living options- 10 skilled nursing facilities and one assisted living facility.

 “It is always an exciting endeavor when we bring on new facilities and grow in new communities. We are confident that our focus on quality care and investments in the industry-leading technology will add value to the lives of our residents, their loved ones, our employees and their families,” says Gary Blake, CEO and Co-Founder of Creative Solutions in Healthcare. Blake continues saying, “Our growth makes me optimistic about what the future holds for the Texas economy and the long-term care industry as a whole.”

Greenbrier Easter

Creative Solutions opted to stagger the acquisitions from SAVA over two months. The first five buildings will be under CSNHC management effective 10/1/22. The remaining 6 will join effective 11/1/22.

“We decided to stagger the transitions because of the logistics involved in acquisitions. We have seen explosive growth over the last 4 years. While we have our systems streamlined, we want to pay individual attention to each of these new buildings,” Blake continues.  

“At Creative Solutions we fundamentally believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ option for transitioning these teams. Each of these new facilities has a unique dynamic and team structure. We want to make sure that we are adequately supporting and training the staff to grasp our systems and meet our standards of practice.

When we focus on equipping these teams for success, we see greater adoption rates for our processes, higher levels of retention with our staff, and an increased continuity of care for our residents.”

Over the last four years, Creative Solutions has more than doubled in size- growing from 55 facilities at the beginning of 2018 to now 119 by the end of 2022. The company attributes the growth to its mission-focused operations.

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